Digital Downfall

by Exterminus

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Recorded in November 2015 at RS Studios, Bristol.
Produced & Mixed by Rich Weaver.


released March 14, 2016

EP Artwork: Dave Bennet -
EP Artwork Colouring: Owen Watts - @crazyfoxmachine
EP Design & Layout - Alex Robinson -
Band Photoshoot - Kasia Kiliszek -



all rights reserved


Exterminus Bristol, UK

Progressive Thrash Metal from Bristol, UK

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Track Name: Perverted Instinct
From the dawn of time
Man has had it
A primal urge
Force of habit

Insatiable lust
Craving for flesh
Uncontrolled desire
This perverted quest!

It is on your mind
Eyes led astray
You can't help it
Can't look away

Ain't no excuse
Hard wired in brain
Primitive thoughts
Drive you insane!

Perverted instinct
Controls what we think!

[Solos: Robinson/Harris]

Perverted instinct
Controls what we think!
Track Name: Digital Downfall
Technological dependency
Has befallen our society

Our lives rely on computers and circuitry
Its failure marks the ruin of our destiny!

Regression to the ways of old
Computer apocalypse now foretold!

[Solos: Harris/Robinson]

Solar flare
Pulse destroys all
Digital downfall!
Track Name: Deceiving Nature
In days passed, life would last
Until nature took its way
Scientific advances improved our chances
And got us where we are today

Synthetic survival
Dead body revival
Your life's saviour
Deceiving nature

The taking for granted of god-like powers
To prolong death and disease
Bed-ridden; dying! Relatives crying!
Keep you alive if they please

Synthetic survival
Dead body revival
Your life's saviour
Deceiving nature

[Solos: Robinson/Harris]

Total anaesthesia
You don't feel at all
Sinking into sleep
Consciousness withdrawal

Trapped and tortured
An experiment for them
You are dissected
Brought back to life again

Transfusing blood, repairing sinew
Transplanting organs; no longer ill
A great deception, a bogus extension
Of life, against nature's will

Synthetic survival
Dead body revival
Your life's saviour
Deceiving nature
Track Name: Unbound
A raping of the natural order
The deliverance absolves them of guilt
Corruption is what it takes
Their way of life can be rebuilt

Stripped of opportunity
Punished at infancy
Bid farewell

Their reasons are sickening
A heartless endeavour
No turning back

Subservient is all you'd be
A curse upon their family
Cast out this calamity
Unbound from pestilence

Sliced from ear to ear
Left to die here
As your life begins to fade
They'll start anew while you decay!

[Solos: Harris/Robinson]

Unjust action, no contrition

They'll ignore the iniquity
And embrace a new destiny!